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hi, i'm me [30 Mar 2009|10:09pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

hi..you can call me art.
i'm 16 and you could say i'm an artist, tomboy, general freak of nature.
i'm actually bisexual. i hope that's okay here.
i'm in the closet. REALLY in the closet. but a lot of ppl suspect. i didn't realize i like girls until recently. i was kind of in denial. so i denied it fiercely when ppl said i was a lesbian. but now i wish i hadn't. and i really want to come out but i can't do it while i live in my parents' house. so at least i have the internet. :-/
okay, so about me...
i like to paint, draw, run, play video games, go camping, party, work out, act, and write.
i'm laid back and crazy at the same time.
i don't "fit" anywhere. and i like that.
i have to always be doing something new or i go insane with boredom.
i'm really out-of-the-box; the kind of person that you pick out and notice on the street when there are tons of people around, which is a good and bad thing. i've gotten used to it and it's actually made me confident.
i'm new to livejoural and looking for people to "talk" to about random things. so if you want to be friends let me know :-)

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[03 Jul 2007|05:29pm]

hi i'm kayla, i'm 19 and i like girls. i'm currently in a relationship, for the third time in two years.
i've had lj like 6 times, and i've recently come back again. add me. i'll post pictures later.
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[01 Jul 2007|06:14pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
19. lesbian. comment. pic. and post whore.
i have two imeem accts.
ticktockclock.imeem.com and ticktockclock2.imeem.com.
go if you want new(before it comes on radio or tv) and old music.
i have indie, hip-hop, R&B, punk, rock, alt, and electronica music.
on those pages.
i'm just looking for people to comment on my entires and i'll do the same.
on last.fm? my name is: Ticktockclock
be warned my entires can sometimes be crass or offensive if sensitive.
Here's My Page

[20 Jun 2007|09:13pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I'm Aleasha.
I'm 19.
Canadian, proudly.
Slightly quirky & random.

Movies - Imagine Me & You, The Notebook, 300, Finding Nemo, Fried Green Tomatoes, If These Walls Could Talk 2, Shut Up & Sing.

Music - Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Chantal Kreviazuk, Natasha Bedingfield, The Dixie Chicks, The Murmurs, Nelly Furtado.

TV - Bad Girls, The L Word, Hell's Kitchen, South of Nowhere, The Ellen Degeneres Show.

There's more listed on my userinfo.

I'm easy to get along with. I love making icons and other random stuff. I comment whenever I can. And generally am a nice person. Or so I hope anyway.

And here I am, with my lovely Flashdance vinyl!Collapse )

So, if we've got anything in common, feel free to add me. Comment on this entry if you do, though so that I know. :)

[x-posted a lil. sorry.]

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[03 Apr 2007|08:53pm]
I've met some grand people through this forum, some have been on my list almost three years and are like family. I don't write much with regard to my personal life, though I used to. It seems as the years go by I enjoy my privacy a bit more... once in while I may update with some tidbits about my day, life, thoughts - though not too often. My journal is nearly empty, so what you see before adding me is all I've posted. All past entries have been copied and deleted for my own personal use. I post the occasional meme, if it strikes me as humorous. Occasionally I post something from YouTube.

I'm a health nut, obsessively working out, and eat only healthy and natural food. I don't drink or smoke although I masturbate, snore, fail to shave my legs from time to time, and say fuck a lot. I'm curvy too, not a stick. I'm opinionated about things happening in the world. If opinionated people, healthy debate, and strong personalities bother you, you may want to think twice about adding me. I've had quite a few people add me without reading the intro or actual journal, and then remove me because I'm brutally honest, they cannot absorb what they read, or fail to understand it. That kind of strikes me as lame and I can't stand dumb people.

I comment only when I really feel like it, and don't expect people to comment on my journal. If you comment I'll reply and enjoy a good debate.

I'm looking for amusement also. I paint pinups, think beautiful women rock, and love fun and caring men. I photograph as well, and my posts consist of that more than anything. I'm really looking for some intelligent and open minded/interesting people to read this time around. Maturity is a major plus.

If you open minded about sex, religion, health, and just a fun person with a strange sense of humor in general, or if you're someone who is honest about the world you live in, feel free to add me. Insecure, dishonest and spiteful people need not apply, because if you're anything but cool, we'll most likely clash.

You mess with my livejournal family; I'll break your kneecaps. (18+ adds only)
Picture...Collapse )
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[14 Jan 2007|11:57pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

19. blunt. i comment way more than i used to. lesbian. a lot of picture entries.
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Calling Hillary Clinton for her support of Gay Marriages! [11 Oct 2006|12:51pm]

Call campaign targeting Hillary Clinton asking for her support of Gay Marriages!

This is a perfect way to explain why gay marriage is important to you and why you hope it is important to these politicians as well. If you're nervous about talking to a live person then just wait until after hours so that you can leave a message on her answering machine.

The telephone number to the her offices are:

Albany/Hudson Valley
Phone: (518) 431-0120

Buffalo/Western New York
Phone: (716) 854-9725

Long Island
Phone: (631) 249-2825

Syracuse/Central New York
Phone: (315) 448-0470

New York City
Phone: (212) 688-6262

I hope you will take a few minutes to explain to her your position and how you would like her support in giving gay marriages legal recognition.
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[13 Sep 2006|09:09am]

i'm 26 and i am always looking for new people to talk too. i live in ny and i ramble on alot...
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In need of some new & interesting LJ friends! [19 Jul 2006|02:33am]


Hey folks!

I've had my journal for a few years now. Recently went through my list & deleted a bunch of people who I've lost touch with. Now my friends page is a little too empty...so here I am to meet some new people. :)

A little bit about moi...

++ Just turned 24 on July 7th.
++ I'm a true cancer.
++ I'm a proud Canadian. (Just outside of Toronto, Ontario)
++ Bisexual
++ Just starting to enjoy single life after breaking off a 2 year engagement 6 months ago.
++ I dig piercings & tattoos. I have my tongue, nose & labret pierced. & I have one tattoo for now.
++ For the warmer months I work about 45+ hours a week outside in the hot sun so I pretty much have no life right now. :(
++ I'm a total video game geek.
++ Love music & movies. (You can find a list of some of my favs in my user info)
++ I'm a big Red Sox fan.

My journal consists of almost daily rants about my daily life & whatever is going on in my strange little head.

So if you think we may get along then feel free to add me! Be sure to drop me a line so I can add ya back!

Have a good day!
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[24 Jun 2006|03:35pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

The people on my friends list dont update much anymore..so I need some new interesting people who
-update often
-comments once in a while
-18 and over
-entire journal isnt quizzes and pictures

and I..
-update often
-post pics
-I use my lj for my actual journal so there is some very private stuff
-and i talk about sex a lot lol..just a warning.

Check me out then add me if I seem interesting..just let me know first. Such a bland add me post, sorry I'm in a rush.

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[03 Jun 2006|04:31pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

comment whore.
camera whore.
crazy. as all outtdoors.
very random postings.
photographer student.
just be cool. and so will i!!!!
and oh call me TiCkToCkCloCk not stardropkittie
it my old name. I can prove that's me too! if you want! lol
click my face to go to my page.

[21 Mar 2006|12:18am]

Hey everyone.

Cut for you.Collapse )
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[20 Mar 2006|06:14pm]

Hello! My name is Melissa and I created this livejournal to meet some new people. So I don't have any entries but if you would like to know more about me you can look at my other journal ( melissaanne8186). I'm looking to meet some new people. I'm trying to figure who I am (Ya know lesbian, bi). So I hope you'll add me if you'd like. :)
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Add me? [17 Mar 2006|05:45pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey, I just made a new journal so I only have two entries and not a lot in my info except interests but I'm looking for new friends. I ended up having to get a new journal because I didn't feel like I could really say what I was feeling because of some of the people on my friends list. Yeah but go look at my info and such and add me. :)

♥text messaging

More in my info. Add me!

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[25 Feb 2006|12:42am]


Click here
and ADD ME!

[30 Jan 2006|05:25pm]


Add me

name: Jenepher
age: 21
location: San Marcos
sex: F

music: Doria Roberts, Ani DiFranco, The Used, Our Lady Peace, Lifehouse, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, Manson, Fallout boy..

movies: se7en, american history x, but im a cheerleader, firefox, gia, if these walls could talk 2, mean girls, pulp fiction..

describe yourself: I am a full time student studying digital and photographic imaging. I work as a full time tech support operator. I live with my girlfriend of 2 years. She holds me together when everything is crazy.
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23/F/Canada [13 Jan 2006|03:50pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I've had my journal for a few years now. Made some awesome friends. Wouldn't hurt to make a few more, though. :)

My journal is pretty random. I tend to go on rants about whatever is on my mind. I occasionally post quizzes & pictures but they are always under a cut so they are easy to skip over. I always read my friend's entries & I reply when I have something to say.

If you want to know a bit about me, feel free to check out my lj info. If you think we may have some stuff in common, add me & let me know so I can add ya back.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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add me? [29 Nov 2005|01:20am]

Obviously I need some new Friends Journals to read and comment on.
20 soon to be 21 on Jan 14.
Post pics often.
Reside in Missouri :(
I don't hold to much back in my journal, since I use it for an 'actual journal.' I'm looking for diverse people who update often and comment because I tend to do the same.

My entries are friends only so please inform me you are adding me if you choose to, and I will most likely do the same.
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New [20 Nov 2005|06:53pm]

Hello. I'm Sharelle and I'm 19. I figured I needed more lesbians on my lj list. I don't have near enough. I am from Phoenix, Az, soon to return back to that city! I comment often and update daily.
I like girls, obviously, but maybe a little too much!
I love computers, accents, and hands.


Oh yeah, I'm kind of a dork.
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[10 Sep 2005|01:36pm]

♥ My posts are random but often. Cause I'm crazy.
♥ I put pictutes in alot of my posts Interesting ones!
♥ I'll try to make you smile.
♥ I am a comment whore and I'm honest. Hope you can handle the truth.
♥ Can't be a homophobe/boring.
♥ And I ♥ you already!

Add Me Here.

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